"To go at the end of the MOST DARING PROJECTS, TO INVENT NEW DISCIPLINES with the crossing of NATURE, ART and DECORATION to suggest NEW SOLUTIONS to you”




Mur Végétal StabiliséWorkshop of French creation.

In 2010, Annelise (DESIGNER) decides to create its own house of fitting and creation of vegetable installation.

Its strategic choices, freed from any prototype, grant a central position to the innovation and the freedom of creation.

With Gwenaëlle (DESIGNER), designers of the brand, they form a precursory family trio of the ecological and timeless vegetable design…

Based on daring concepts such as Made in France, the brand  ` opens out in independence and cultivates its difference in margin of inclinations in standardization.

Now diffused with international, Creations are recognizable with the first glance: the archetypal forms, a graphic design impresses of a strong pictorial culture compose its territory of distinction.

“The decoration and the installation of our living spaces have an impact proven on our emotions, our moods and our effectiveness. The luminosity, the colors and the matters which surround us create atmospheres more or less favourable with happiness and blooming.”

Specialist on the Riviera in stabilized for the individuals and the professionals, DECO-VEGETALE places at your disposal a whole range of PRODUCTS and suitable and respectful SERVICES of the environment.

By combining innovation and quality, Deco-vegetable proposes to youa digest of nature and technology which combines aesthetic and praticity:

In addition to the time-saver, the substantial durability and economies, the stabilized plants, flowers and vegetale tables have one lifetime bordering the 10 years, they are not allergens, nontoxic and take part in the soundproofing and thermal.

Deco-vegetable, it is a concentrate of nature without any constraint and accessible to all.

Favorite object with the range of exception very appraisal of the architects, we equip as well with Grand Hotels, the institutional buildings as your interiors and commercial premises.

Our research department carries out for you photomontage in your own decoration, in order to help you with giving  to you a idea of made final, and assisting you in your decision making as for the choice of the type or the size of the subjects to be chosen.







All our mural creations unique and are carried  in France.

Déco-vegetable creates and carries out objects of decoration by using mainly stabilized plants.

to the 15 RUE ALBERTI, we propose the SALE to you of

- Stabilized vegetable table

- Vegetale wall of interior

- Vegetale design

- Floral compositions

- Stabilized plants

- Shifted objects and trend of the Ibride brand

- Vats and containers

- Bonsaîs stabilized



Vegetable architecture


We offer you the following services:

- The Councils warned as regards vegetale decoration and interior installation fulfilling the specific requirements of customers of professionals and individuals.

- Creation of vegetale decoration.

- Creation of custom-tailored stabilized trees.

- Installation of the vegetation.

- Installation with materials such as stones, sand, gravel, foam, barks…


- A range of diversified products

- A  adapted and custom-tailored french manufacturing

- A creative team with your listening

- Services appropriate to your constraints