What is stabilization?


 Feuillage Végétal Stabilisé     Feuillage Végétal Stabilisé     Feuillage Végétal Stabilisé     Feuillage Végétal Stabilisé

Stabilized flower and plant

are entirely natural and ecological.

They are the result of a unique process of conservation of plants based on the substitution of the sap by glycerin.

They require no maintenance, no light or temperature condition and their life expectancy is 10 years

All the qualities of real plants without the drawbacks.

- No watering.

- No particular maintenance such as size, fertilizer or potting.

 -No need of light.

- No particular temperature.

- No dangerous toxins

- No parasites.

- Non allergenic, generates no CO2.

- Participates in the acoustic insulation.


All our products are 100% natural.


They require no special care, not water, light, fertilizer or earth. Trees and shrubs do not lose their leaves, require no size, no treatment.


They are a profitable investment due to their durability.


Through the effective use of a nature product

No toxic product is used during the process of preservation.
The stabilized does not fear the changes in temperature, air currents and releases no toxins.


Our products retain their natural appearance for many years. The flowers have an average lifespan of 4 years.
A stabilized tree has an average life of 10 to 15 years.


Their elasticity adapts perfectly to the interior decoration or flower arrangements.


For whom?

For all projects of interior decoration of the object loved than the exception.

The tables, walls and plants stabilized fit parts but also homes, boats and dark rooms.

Ideal for professional and business premises, the intentional buildings, the CHR...

Different sites are equipped with around the world, such as hotels, casinos, airports, commercial galleries and of course very many local public or offices, banks, restaurants.


Forgotten chores of watering, fertilizer, care, potting, costly installation lighting or replacement of damaged plants, or simply not the time to water.

These real plants undergo more harmful parasites, diseases, smoke, temperature variations, currents of air, emit toxins or harmful fumes.

Stabilized plants through time with the brilliance of sunny days so that no one is deprived of greenery for the lack of light, time, or practice simply.