Deco-Vegetable: Ideas for a natural and sustainable decoration

Stabilized plants allow to realize all kinds of decoration

Stabilized plants allow to realize all kinds of decoration: wall, ceiling, painting, laying on a low table, integrated into a library and even a shop window decoration! Whether it is to completely cover a wall or to have only a few decorative elements, the stabilized plant offers many possibilities of decoration.

Complete wall and ceiling

Depending on their size, plant walls can be truly spectacular in a restaurant. For lovers of nature and greenery, the green wall is the ideal decorative touch. Indeed, if you want more serenity in your home, the green wall also has a very contemplative aspect. It's like installing an aquarium.

Tables and panels

More discreet than the wall, the vegetal painting brings a lighter touch of nature to your decoration. You can choose a large panel that covers part of the wall. Or, several small ones that you can modulate as you wish in order to create a pretty composition on your living room wall, at the head of the bed or behind a desk

The plants

These products are perfect for decorating offices for several reasons. First, these products are totally natural, and are therefore as beautiful as freshly picked products.  In addition, these products do not require maintenance, which will save you time. They don't need water or light either!

Stabilized plants are excellent value for money, given the low maintenance they require and their life expectancy (years).

We spend a large part of the day in an office, so this room must be pleasant and comfortable. 

Working in a pleasant atmosphere increases productivity, so no detail should be forgotten.

Plants are not limited to simple decorative objects, they can also constitute the essential elements of office decoration and contribute to the creation of an ideal working environment. 

They have many benefits for the psychological health of employees: they help them reduce stress, they contribute to their sense of well-being, and they make their working environment pleasant.

The colour of the walls

When choosing the colour of the walls, it is necessary to take into account the company's sector of activity. We are not going to decorate a law firm, marketing or interior design offices in the same way. 

According to Feng Shui, the ideal colors to decorate a desk are as follows:

White and grey: these colours symbolize purity and are a good solution for offices in a rather "formal" sector such as a consulting firm, a law firm, etc. These colours create a refined and orderly atmosphere.

Green: Green is a symbol of growth, a wise choice for a commercial company. In addition, light green helps to reduce visual fatigue. It is suitable for nature-related industries such as florists, pet shops or tourism agencies.

Lavender: this colour is very Ying, perfect to improve mental concentration which is essential in the office. In very soft tones, lavender is perfect for the offices of several types of companies, in the fashion or beauty sector for example.

Create clean spaces

An office is a workspace where employees need to be focused to be at the maximum of their performance, so it is important to create a pleasant working environment. It is with this in mind that the Deco-vegetale team suggests that you opt for the "less is more" so as not to overload the part.

Choose the right style

It should be noted that the decoration style of the office will determine the atmosphere of the room. It is therefore necessary to take into account the professional sector: for a medical practice, a minimalist style would be appropriate, while for an architectural office, you can dare with a boho style, for example.

There are many styles of decoration: Scandinavian, Nordic, minimalist, farmhouse, sailor, boho chic, country, rustic, etc.

The decor style of the office will determine the mood of the room

Minimalist style: adapted to modern offices. This style makes it possible to create pure and harmonious spaces. Most often, neutral colours are used.

The Nordic style: also called Scandinavian, this style also corresponds to refined spaces with neutral colours, especially in white and grey tones. Some touches of colour are often brought by natural elements such as wood and metal to make the spaces more lively.

The boho style: it is perfectly suited to the offices of fashion companies or florists, for example. Bright colours are preferred, as well as the association between different textures and materials

Decorate the walls

Wall decoration plays a crucial role in office decoration. You can hang paintings, shelves or create a green wall.

Green walls are very popular in office decoration, but also in the decoration of restaurants, clothing shops, etc. Their success is due to their ability to bring a natural and colourful touch that enhances the space.

A very good solution to bring a little green and freshness to your office!

Decorate with stabilized plants and flowers

To decorate your offices, your home or other places, we suggest you use stabilized trees and flowers

Both have the ability to create natural atmospheres and bring colour to spaces: green, purple, pink, yellow, etc.

Stabilized bonsai: There is nothing better than a stabilized bonsai to place on your desk, shelf or waiting room table. The Procumbes bonsai is undoubtedly the best choice.

Prince of Wales Tree: the shape and height (1.60 or 1 metre) of this tree from Asia bring an exotic touch to the office and thus help to nuance the usual sobriety of these spaces.

Stabilized foam: As mentioned above, stabilized foam-based plant walls are modern, original and eye-catching. They also have acoustic properties useful in the design of coworking spaces and have become a key element of interior designers and architects. They are used to create unusual plant graffiti and floral and plant compositions. Foam balls can also be used to energize empty or neutral spaces.

Washingtonia or Phoenix Palms: this tree has great ornamental qualities. The Washingtonia or Phoenix palm tree is available in several sizes (1.40 - 1.90 and 2.40 metres) to suit all types of spaces. 

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