Today, for architects and interior designers as well as experts in event decoration, plant decoration represents an essential added value in decoration projects.

Decoration of a restaurant

The combination of technological progress and the imagination of professionals allows the creation of unique and surprising spaces thanks to furniture, light, colours and the essential presence of plant elements.

The presence of flowers, plants and trees contributes to a warm atmosphere in all types of indoor spaces as well as in places that usually require a special floral decoration. This is the case for hotels, restaurants, churches, hospitals, waiting rooms, congress centres, receptions, meeting rooms, etc.

Deco vegetal, proposes in this article, which are the best plants to decorate a bar, explains how to choose floral arrangements or an establishment, and gives you some ideas for decorating a restaurant, etc..

The best plants to decorate a bar

How to choose your floral arrangements?

To make it easier for you, you can follow these steps in decorating a restaurant with plants.

You must first think about the budget because it will determine the style of the decoration.

For bar decoration, stabilized flowers are the cheapest and most effective solution.

Since these flowers do not require any maintenance, you will not need to replace them: they are therefore cheaper than natural flowers while being as pretty and effective. A stabilized rose is identical to a natural rose.

Say yes to the color! Although monochromatic tones can be adapted to certain contexts, it is always preferable to choose a variety of colours and chromatic scales in order to obtain beautiful decorations, cheerful or romantic.

For the decoration of a wedding salon, for example, it is necessary to preserve the aesthetics in order to fulfil the wishes of the future bride and groom.

Stabilized flowers for your events


egetal decoration has the power to transform spaces in order to obtain the desired style and create atmospheres adapted to each event:

Weddings: The wedding banquet is a unique moment for the bride and groom and their guests. The presence of white flowers and pastel tones plunge the room into a romantic atmosphere that makes the ceremony unforgettable.

Communions, Baptisms: A baptism or communion is a joyful celebration, with children, and an intimate and family atmosphere. To achieve this atmosphere, choose simple, light-coloured flowers such as gerbvous era, roses or arums.

Professional meetings: Flowers contribute to the creation of a relaxed atmosphere that nuances the coldness of formal working meetings. A pretty centerpiece made of sophisticated flowers such as orchids makes a business lunch much more enjoyable and relaxed.

Romantic dinners: The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a romantic dinner is obviously candles and red roses. 


Stabilized plants and flowers are ideal for creating the desired decorative style.

The most popular styles currently in demand for restaurant decoration are as follows:

Industrial style: The industrial style was born in New York and is characterized by pipes, beams and exposed bricks, among other things. There are more and more restaurants or bars that are in line with this decorative trend. This style is sometimes devoid of plant elements but many decorators integrate plants to bring a natural and warm touch.

The rustic style: The rustic style is very warm, you can find it in cafés or cosy lounges. This style is very common in large cities such as Madrid, London, Paris or New York. It is characterized by the use of wood, neutral colours and plants

The Zen style: The Zen style is currently widely used in the best restaurants in the world. The restaurants and bars that have opted for this style are very harmonious, the main decorative elements are the vertical gardens. Green is the preferred colour of this style, which is why the green wall is one of the main products.

Boho style: This bohemian style has the virtue of combining several types of materials, colours, plants and flowers. The boho style plunges the restaurant into a dream atmosphere, capable of taking you anywhere in the world. The reference flower of this style is the red rose.

Plant wall in a hotel entrance


Large pots of stabilized plants (such as washingtonia palm or Nicoly eucalyptus) at the entrance, sheltered but clearly visible, attract attention and invite access to the interior. 

Inside, a surprising, unique and pleasant decoration is essential. To achieve this, the very fashionable trend in bars and restaurants is to use stabilized foam to recreate urban art, better known as Moss Art, a contemporary urban art form that consists of creating vegetal graffiti on the walls.

You can decorate tables or the counter with centerpieces with glass holders. These table centres may include stabilized varieties such as aralia, eucalyptus or Lutti Fern

It is possible to create different atmospheres in the same space thanks to separations composed of plant elements. They are simple and visual, the vegetal panels are often used to delimit the room or terrace, as well as to separate them from the passage areas or the reception area. Small stabilized trees such as Japanese Fukuoka or eucalyptus are also fully adapted for this use.

The use of plant elements to decorate an establishment is a simple, fast, effective and, above all, affordable solution. It allows you to modify the decoration and distribution of the establishment without difficulty.