Roses are among the most meaningful flowers. They are the symbol of love, gentleness, friendship, purity... their meaning varies according to their colour.

The meaning of roses by colour

White rose

The white rose symbolizes purity and innocence. In general, white roses are the bride's favorite flowers for making their bouquets. The white symbolizes perpetuity, something that lasts a lifetime. Like the reds, white roses are linked to love, but in a purer perspective. 

when lovers offer each other white flowers, they show that they hope to build a common and sustainable future or when a parent or loved one is sick, sending them white roses means that you wish them a speedy recovery.

Yellow pink

It is the color of friendship, adolescence, the ideal flower to celebrate holidays and birthdays. It is also the color of superstitious. If the person offering you yellow roses is not a relative, they may have an ulterior motive behind their smile. Beware! Beware!

Orange pink

Orange roses represent joy, satisfaction for a success achieved. This color also indicates caution. The orange rose is a great gift to send a message of support or thanks.

Red rose

If there is anything that reflects the feeling of love, it is the red rose. Red roses are the symbol of love par excellence, lovers, passion, fire... Red roses have other meanings, more secondary but just as representative. They also symbolize admiration and respect. 

But if one day, a friend offers you a bouquet of red roses, he doesn't necessarily think about giving you the wedding ring on his finger!

Pink pink rose

The pink rose is the one that expresses the greatest number of feelings: if someone offers you pink roses, they praise your sympathy and openness. The roses of this color symbolize the absence of wickedness, of ulterior motives. They show esteem, cordiality, positive attitude and beauty. The intensity of these feelings varies according to the intensity of the pink colour. The more intense the colour, the more intense the feelings expressed are.

Blue rose

Harmony, trust, affection. Blue roses symbolize the color of the sky, they transmit feelings of relaxation, tranquilizers, liberators... If you put blue roses in your home or if you offer them to someone nervous or anxious, you will succeed in reducing tension and creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Green roses

The green rose has a meaning that corresponds to what color symbolizes. Green has always been the symbol of hope and balance between body and mind.

A good time to offer a green rose is when you start a new relationship, or when you start a new project, whether professional or personal.

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