Find here the information you need to understand how stabilized flowers and plants are ecological.

Organic raw materials

The stabilization process is a complex process. It requires an impeccable raw material.

We work with organic flowers to ensure successful stabilization

Ecology and solidarity.

Stabilization must be done with an ultra-fresh raw material.

The stabilization plants are therefore located on the production plant of each material.

All the companies with which we collaborate adopt a policy of respect for working conditions.

Positive carbon balance

80% of stabilized flowers and plants are imported by boat.

The life span of the plant allows us to use a mode of transport that has less impact on our environment.

No waste

  • 0% loss during transport
  • 0% storage loss
  • 0% loss on resale
  • 100% profitability
  • 0% waste

Long service life

The life span of the stabilized flower is at least 50 times longer than that of a fresh flower.

This feature must be a selling point.

What could be more surprising than to offer an eternal flower? An original idea to renew as often as necessary!

Stabilized Natural Plants without maintenance