The benefits, costs and potential savings of stabilized plants

100% natural

All our products are 100% natural in origin. Made of plants harvested by hand by professionals, in respect of nature and regrowth cycles. Scandinavian lichen, flat foam, ball foam, foliage...more than 50 types of plants can be stabilized.

Maintenance-free, without constraints

They do not require any special care, no water, light, fertilizer or soil. Trees and shrubs do not lose their leaves, do not require pruning or treatment.


They are a profitable investment due to their sustainability.


Thanks to the efficient use of a natural product


No toxic products are used during the preservation process. The stabilized does not fear temperature variations, draughts and does not release toxins.


Our products retain their appearance, texture and properties for many years. The flowers have an average life span of 4 years and a stabilized tree has an average life span of 10 years.


Their elasticity adapts perfectly to interior decoration or floral arrangements.

For whom?

For all interior design projects. The stabilized Paintings, Walls and Plants can be adapted to all rooms but also to second homes, boats and dark rooms.

Ideal for professional and commercial premises, intentional buildings, CHR...

Various sites around the world have them, such as hotels, casinos, airports, shopping malls and of course many public facilities or offices, banks, restaurants.


Forget the drudgery of watering, fertilizing, caring, repotting, costly lighting installations or replacing damaged plants, or simply no time to water.

These real plants no longer suffer from the harmful effects of parasites, diseases, smoke, temperature variations, draughts, do not release toxins or harmful fumes.

The stabilized PLANTS pass through time with the brightness of the sunny days so that no one is deprived of greenery for lack of light, time or simply practice.


To keep plants intact for many years, it is essential to:

  • Do not expose outdoors
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight (even behind glass)
  • Do not water, do not wet
  • Avoid damp places such as bathrooms


  • A foam board or vegetal wall helps to purify the air. 
  • The plants used for our plant creations do not emit CO2. Cities like Berlin are installing "moss trees" on the street, instead of real trees, to fight pollution in the city.
  • Our stabilized plants, unlike most indoor plants, do not require any particular light source. When you go on holiday, you can close the blinds and leave months with peace of mind.
  • There is no need to water them, cut them, or maintain them. Not even a little bit..
  • Lichen and stabilized foam also absorb sound. The structure, shape and density of the foam allow it to neutralize the noise, echoes and tone of our voice in a room. It is often used in companies to help soundproof meeting rooms. To reduce noise from one room to another
  • These natural plants are made to be kept intact indoors for many years (5-10 years) by following a few simple conservation tips. 
  • Scandinavian lichen evolves according to the humidity in the air: it hardens when the humidity is low (generally less than 40%), then becomes more supple, fresh and spongy again above this threshold. These changes of state do not damage plants at all.

Example of Cost and Savings for a Business


Plant purchased: 239€
Container purchased: 220€
maintenance contract required
Plant purchased 150€
container purchased: 220€
Monthly maintenance: 10€
Plant rental
Container and monthly maintenance included
Rental per month: 20€
Year 1: 459€
Year 2: 0€
Year 3: 0€
Year 4: 0€
Year 5: 0€
Year 1: 360€
Year 2: 120€
Year 3: 120€
Year 4: 120€
Year 5: 120€
Year 1: 240€
Year 2: 240€
Year 3: 240€
Year 4: 240€
Year 5: 240€
459,00 € 840,00 € 1 200,00 €
Fixed assets are repaid in the first year Economy: a company with 10 plants will save more than 3 810 € Economy: a company with 10 rented plants will save more than 7410 €