It is impossible to do without plants in our interiors. But you don't just put a plant out there, it needs a nice plant tray. Deco-vegetale offers a complete range of bins and containers, in all colours, shapes and natural materials such as ceramics, stone fibre, wood or metal.

Design and elegance!

Fiberstone always looks for the perfect balance between design, quality and priceFiberstone is a brand that creates high quality planters and related products

FIBERSTONE is an international brand that creates high-quality planters and related products, from giant pottery to small accessories, from shiny finishes to rough surfaces, from family dining furniture to beautiful rooms to relax on your terrace. Founded in 2008, and based on the conviction that design should be available to everyone. That's why Fiberstone is always looking for the perfect balance between design, quality and price.

Each product is designed from a simple but intelligent perspective. Believing in basic shapes, without considering it boring. This senseless way of thinking and conceiving is attributed to Dutch identity and is widely known as «Dutch design ».

Light weight, good weather resistance and a very strong material... These are the success factors of the Fiberstone collection.

The bins are hand-made in the traditional way with 65-35% of the lass fibre reinforced with stone powder This stone powder gives the pots a 100% natural external appearance.

The French wonder!

POTERIE DE RAVEL is a french brandRAVEL is at the same time a color of earth, a touch, an ancient know-how.

POTERIE DE RAVEL is a French brand. From the manufacture of the clay paste to the lathe or moulder, the entire production chain is controlled in Provence. All the work is done by hand.

Thus, vases ranging from 10cm to 1 meter and other decorative terracotta items are manufactured in the workshops.

Their style, shape and thickness make Ravel pots a staging element for gardens, squares, terraces and interior spaces.

Their finish as well as their baking give them an incomparable quality, colour and touch.

RAVEL is at the same time a colour of earth, a touch, an ancient know-how, shapes, and the manufacturing heritage of Provence.

It is also and above all the name of a family, which for five generations has perpetuated in Aubagne the tradition of the gestures and craft of pottery. Finally, it is a brand that innovates and advances on the paths of design creation, to give a thousand-year-old art its place in the future.

Modern shapes and clear lines

FLEUR AMI is a brand with German rootsThe assembly forms an elegant and exciting contrast with bases made of metal or other materials

FLEUR AMI is a brand with German roots.

Wood is an essential part of our daily lives and has been returning for some time in furniture and decorations. This is why it is less a fast and short-term trend than a real mega trend. Wood radiates warmth and gives a sense of security, it is also welcoming and familiar in our homes. Whether natural, bleached, lacquered or in combination with other materials, there are very few materials as versatile and diversified as wood.

Simple shapes emphasize the raw material, so that the beautiful grain becomes a higher priority.

There are a variety of pots and vases showing that wood can be combined with other materials. The assembly forms an elegant and exciting contrast with bases made of metal or other materials. Wooden pedestals and pillars can also be ideally used for decorations with other materials such as glass, ceramic and metal and therefore offer a variety of design options.

And much more...