Eternal Rose Extra

5.00 TTC

Add a stabilised rose to your painting !!!

A touch of freshness and colour to personalise your painting.

a plant painting of our composition

100% natural and maintenance-free stabilised roses.

Life span of several years.

(Sold only as an additional option on a board).

Meaning of the colour of the roses :

Red: Love, Passion, Respect and Courage

White: Love, Dignity and Secret

Rose: Joy, Happiness and Tenderness

Yellow: Friendship, Platonic Love and Joy of Living

Orange: Attraction, Fascination and Desire

Fuchsia: Bond, Affection and Romanticism


Whether for the ancient Greeks or Romans, Christians, Freemasons or others, the rose has always been a timeless symbol of love, beauty and balance. Of course, each colour expresses love, beauty and balance a little differently, but the main message is still and always love!

Size: Medium

Rose diameter: 5 cm

Stabilised rosebud (eternal rose).

The eternal rose is a real rose that has undergone a treatment that allows it to keep for several years without ever fading.

Do not put in water, to remove dust use the hair dryer.

These flowers will delight you for many years to come.