62.50 TTC

Stabilized Plants Painting

Size 12"x12"

Real preserved plants.

Lifespan many years

Free maintenance. Do Not require water or light.

just hang and enjoy.!



Stabilized Vegetal Picture
Use : Inside 
Size : 12" x 12"
Type of plants : foam Plate, foam ball, foliage and rose stabilized 
Frame : wood. Finish white mast 
packaging : packaging individual 
Origin : made in France 
Design : Annelise 
No special maintenance. Service life of several years. 
The stabilized plants do require no watering, no brightness or particular temperature.  
A simple dusting from time to time to maintain the radiance of our composition. 
NB: Do not dispose in a humid place (> 80%)  
Process plants, stabilized flowers are 100% natural. Vegetable stabilisation is a totally ecological unique process of replacing SAP with a product of conservation.  T
his substance is 100% biodegradable.

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