Lady Jane

490.83 TTC

Stabilized Plants Painting

Size 40"x 40"

Real preserved plants.

Lifespan many years

Free maintenance. Do Not require water or light.

just hang and enjoy.!


Stabilized Vegetal Picture 
Use : Inside 
size : 40" x 40" 
Type of plants : foam Plate, foam ball, foliage stabilized 
Frame : wood. Finish white mast 
packaging : packaging individual 
Origin : made in France 
Design : Annelise 
No special maintenance. Service life of several years. 
The stabilized plants do require no watering, no brightness or particular temperature.  
A simple dusting just to maintain their brilliance. 
NB: Do not dispose in a humid place (> 80%)  
Process plants, stabilized flowers are 100% natural. Vegetable stabilisation is a totally ecological unique process of replacing SAP with a product of conservation.  T
his substance is 100% biodegradable.