• Mur Végétal Stabilisé MUR VEGETAL Création Originale de Déco Végétale



Amazing and dreaming. We design...

Our walls are manufactured in our workshops in Nice from stabilized plants.

The stabilized plant wall is 100% natural. It requires neither water, nor light, nor maintenance.

Life expectancy: several years

Of all sizes, all shapes, adapts to any interior. We offer a decoration made to measure, adapting perfectly to your desires and your environment.


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Vegetal wall, on a natural foam stabilized, enhanced with foliage of your choice-stabilized base.
The stabilized plant wall is 100% natural. Stabilization is a totally ecological process. 
It is to replace the SAP of vegetation with a conservation product 100% biodegradable and harmless.  
Using this technique, plants retain their flexibility and their natural freshness without any maintenance. 
They require no watering, no source of light or special treatment.
  • Innovative concept
  • no maintenance
  • not water
  • no constraint of light/sun
  • for all your projects
  • very light weight